DOWNEAST ROYALTY. Really. Eastern Boats owe their original hulls to the late Royal Lowell, a legendary Downeast designer whose grandfather, Will Frost of Beals Island, Maine, developed and built the first fast lobsterboats of the early twentieth century. Eastern's original 18 is a Royal Lowell design, and we still build it today. BUT, note well that today's Eastern 18 takes advantage of modern composite materials like knitted fiberglass fabrics, foam-filled fiberglass stringer grids, rot-free Penske Board transoms, and quiet, efficient four-stroke outboard engines from Yamaha and Mercury. Over our company's three-decades-and-counting, we have acquired a number of additional classic Downeast hull designs, most from the board of Royal Lowell. The shape of coastal waves don't change. Royal knew the hull forms that handled them safely and comfortably.

What makes these thoroughbred Downeast hulls so special? Watch our videos of our boats underway at both slow and faster speeds. Note their clean, low wakes, as good an indication of efficiency as you'll ever find. Note how they shoulder their way smoothly through waves at speed, throwing spray out and away. Form follows function, a critical trait that thrifty Yankee seamen demand.

We have also worked constantly to improve our construction materials and processes. Our customers are a mix of knowledgeable pleasure boaters, commercial fishermen, and fishing guides, all of whom give us straight-talk feedback on our boats, so we constantly seek ways to tweak them to make them more efficient, more durable, more comfortable, and, most of all, safer. We build Eastern Boats for serious boaters. They are authentic, hard-working vessels that are also graceful and seaworthy. Their beauty is functional. We feel comfortable entrusting ourselves and our families to them. And whether we make our living or stake our recreation on them, we care a lot about how they perform in the real-world conditions of our home waters. Oh, yes, and we care about how much they cost to buy, to operate, and to maintain.

If these considerations sound like yours, you've come to the right place. At Eastern, we build efficient, durable Downeast hulls for anglers, families, and commercial fishermen. Their classic, sweeping sheerlines give them head-turning beauty.

Need open space? A Center Console 180, 200, 220, or 248 might be just what you need. The 220 and the 248 are available with T-tops, and all four offer optional weather protection like folding bow dodgers. Look at the photo galleries for these models, and you'll note that they run well at cruising speeds of 15-25 mph with 50-150 horsepower outboards, much less power (and less fuel) than other center consoles of similar size.

How about more weather protection? Soft top or hard? How large a cabin? Now the range of choices gets longer. Start with the classic Sisu 220 HT (Hardtop) or Bass Boat (Soft Top). This Royal Lowell design has proven to be one of the best small sea boats ever built, and modern composite materials plus a couple of design tweaks have made her even better. Amazingly, an economical 115-hp four-stroke outboard is all the power this new Sisu model needs for great real-world performance.

The 248 Explorer and the 248 and 270 Islanders and Tournaments are variations on the theme of a forward cabin and a hard-sided pilothouse (built of lightweight but strong Nida-Core to enhance the hulls' inherent stability). The Explorer and Islanders are all about family and cruising accommodations, with options for bunks, head, galley, dinette, and seating. The Tournament models are all about fishing efficiently and safely, in comfort. Each boat offers an Armstrong stern bracket to mount a single 150-hp four-stroke (248 models) or twin 150s (270 models). Is a single 150 enough for a 248 Explorer? Consider our in-house sea trial that yielded a cruising speed of 25.9 mph, burning 6.2 gallons per hour. Not many other boats in that class even come close.

Need a larger boat with a modern electronic diesel engine? Look at our iconic and lovely Royal Lowell-designed Eastern 31 and 35. With over 450 of our 31' hulls on the water today, the single-engine Eastern 31' is a proven winner. It's available as a basic work boat, a state of-the-art sport fishing rig, or a custom "lobster yacht". The Eastern 31 has an especially strong reputation up and down the Atlantic coast as an able, efficient charter and recreational fishing boat. Her big sister, the Eastern 35, offers more space and twin or single engines. Like the 31, she is custom built for anything from hard work to luxurious cruising.

One last note. If commercial and charter fishermen buy a particular boat brand, they are saying something important about that company's products and customer service. The same goes for harbormasters, and even more for fire/rescue and law enforcement agencies, whose lives and the lives of those they serve depend on the strength and seaworthiness of their vessels. Thus it's no surprise that Eastern builds boats for them as well. Check Commercial under Our Boats to see examples.

That's our Eastern Boats lineup. Explore this site to learn more about each model, including her Specifications, Standard Equipment, and Optional Equipment. Watch the Video Galleries of each. Look closely at how they perform, including how their graceful bows deflect spray from their occupants. Examine the details in the Photo Galleries. Then click on the Dealers link in the top banner to find a team near you who can put you aboard the model of your choice. We believe that, more than anything else, a ride aboard an Eastern will help you decide.

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    Eastern 248 Explorer
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    Eastern 248 CC
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Eastern Boats, a thirty-year-old New England boat builder with a wide range of skills. Ready to go boating when you are. Comfortable and safe in choppy or smooth waters, this head turning downeast design won’t require a mortgage at the fuel dock.

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