310 Casco Bay Video and Tour

Posted on Sep 20, 2017

Look closely at the new video of Eastern’s classic 310 Casco Bay cruiser.  You can learn a lot by watching the way water flows around her hull.  At harbor and slow cruising speeds (6-8 knots), notice how cleanly she slips through the water, with almost no wake.  She is nicely balanced, running level with her weight concentrated amidships in the pilothouse and the engine room below it.  Notice too how stable she is as two people walk along her starboard side deck.  

Her bow is sharp, and the hull tapers back gradually before filling out in the area of the head and the helm.  Thus she presents a pointed, cleaver-like face to part oncoming waves, but the flare above the waterline provides enough buoyancy to allow her to rise to large seas.  The 310 is a later design from the gifted Royal Lowell, drawing on long experience from performance of his highly successful earlier hulls and his constant search for improvement in seaworthiness, speed, and efficiency.  Her combination of sharp face, flare, and balance have earned her great respect in harbors of all three coasts and the Great Lakes.

As the boat in the video accelerates, the hull lifts, presenting its sharp, rounded forefoot to part the seas, while the carefully-placed spray rails send water out away. The wake stays flat and clean.  The 310 comes standard with trim tabs, allowing her skipper to adjust her running attitude for the easiest ride in prevailing seas.  

Check the performance information.  You’ll note that in this design, Lowell achieved the Downeast benchmark for efficiency: from ten to twenty knots, every increase in power provides a directly proportional increase in speed.  That wide range of efficient speeds allows the skipper to “dial her in” on any given day.  A 12,000-lb. hull that achieves speeds in the ‘teens at 1.5-1.9 nautical miles per gallon of fuel has got a sweet shape!  That’s why knowledgeable boaters have considered Eastern’s 310 Casco Bay a classic for four decades and counting.

Watch 310 Casco Bay 360 Tour

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